Innovate to Mitigate, a climate challenge for students with good ideas

Submitted by Shawn Reeves
2019-09-13 19:04:16

Climate Challenge
Innovate to Mitigate Challenge wants students who have good ideas for reducing greenhouse gases.
Innovate to Mitigate wants students or student groups to submit ideas about how to address climate change by reducing greenhouse gases.
People around the world are working hard on this problem. To meet the big challenges we face, we need good ideas from everyone. This challenge encourages young people to unlock their immense potential for finding solutions!
Students compete for a chance to win prize money and earn recognition from peers, community, and experts.
Join the Innovate community! Go to or @innovatetomitig to find out how!
Enter your ideas to reduce greenhouse gases. Score a win for you and for the planet! @innovatetomitig


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