US Online day camp with activities and virtual tour of power plant

Submitted by Stacy Klein-Gardner

2020-06-15 09:28:11

Energy Camp – Grades 3, 4, 5
Weeks Offered:
June 22 to 25:
June 29 to July 2:
Time: 11:00-12:00 Eastern (US) Time
Professional Lead Instructor: Lynn Albers, Ph.D., Hofstra University
Description: Recycling at its finest! Learn how everyday waste is collected, sorted, and converted to electricity through a virtual tour of Covanta. Students will be challenged to take everyday household items, and sort them through the use of a mechanical device.

About the summer 2020 camps from ASEE
In effort to support parents everywhere and provide access to hands-on activities, the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) P12 Commission is proud to announce online summer camps!
When? Monday through Thursday during one hour of any week you choose June 15 – July 31
For Whom? We will host camps for students currently in grades K-8. You may select from the camps offered to your current grade (2019-2020 academic year).
What Size? Each camp will host a maximum of 6-8 students, depending on age.
Who Teaches? Each camp will be staffed by one professional lead instructor and one undergraduate engineering student.
Registration? Use the hyperlink for the camp and date you choose. You will create an account on ASEE’s site if you do not already have one. Should you wish to register more than one child for the same week, please use a second email address.
Fees? The fee is $60 for each one-week camp. Payment will be completed through the ASEE website. As you work through their system, it will appear as a “free ticket” when in fact it will show up at the end with the correct $60 fee.
What? Our camps feature a variety of topics, with most focusing on doing hands-on engineering design challenges. Materials? All camps rely upon materials readily found around the house. We will not be offering kits.
Platform? We will utilize password-protected zoom conference sessions. All participants must utilize the newest version of Zoom. Participants will initially enter a Waiting Room, where the professional lead instructor can then admit them to the classroom. Each participant’s name in Zoom must match the registrant participant list and include only their first name. All sessions will be locked after all student participants have arrived. The chat box will be limited in function so that the professional lead instructor and undergraduate engineering student can see all posts.
Safety? Every adult leader and undergraduate engineering student has completed their university or school/district level protection of minors course.
Questions? Ask ASEE P12 Commission Chair, Stacy Klein-Gardner [see email above]. Learn more about ASEE at .

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