$1000 grant for US teachers who have good energy lessons, due Feb 1

Submitted by The NEED Project
2021-01-11 18:12:06

Bob Thompson Excellence in Energy Award

The award includes:
$1,000 cash grant to the teacher to use as he/she/they choose in the classroom
All-expenses paid trip to both NEED's Annual Youth Energy Conference and Awards in June (Washington, D.C.) and the National Energy Conference for Educators in July (Albuquerque, NM).
Candidates must be:
1. Currently teaching (and will in the next school year) science in a K-12 classroom (public, private, charter).

2. Engaged in the teaching of energy in the classroom and/or local community.

3. Dedicated to the idea that a kids teaching kids approach to education is valuable and showcase this dedication in the classroom.

4. An energy nerd – believing that energy is fun, cool, and a unifying theme in science.

5. Fun and possess an inquisitive mind, playful spirit, and desire for life-long learning!
Do you match these requirements? Apply today!
Or perhaps you know someone or have a colleague who does, nominate them!


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