Des Moines Iowa wind data added to analysis sets

Submitted by Shawn Reeves
2024-02-29 09:23:31

Tools for displaying wind data in wind roses are rare. has developed an online generator for private and public data sets. We recently added the 2023 observations for Des Moines, Iowa, USA. See graph below.
While upgrading our own software, we discovered Iowa Mesonet, a meteorological service from Iowa State University, who has made available wind rose software superior to ours and able to make graphs from locations all over the world. See the link below.
Plotly is a library for Python, a common programming language that works on any computer platform. Since 2016 Plotly has been able to draw wind roses.
Educators and students are invited to use our tools, try Iowa Mesonet, or create custom software using the Plotly library of Python. Contact us for help learning about these free tools.


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