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DIY E-bike Building Student Contest For Massachusetts Reg By Sep 2022
Matt Mann,
Monday August 29, 2022
Massachusetts students compete building an e-bike using something besides a pre-manufactured e-bike kit....Read the full story
Boston Globe And Museum Of Science Present Ed Panel On Climate Change
Shawn Reeves, Wednesday March 31, 2021
From the organizers: Among the many difficult subjects that are important to discuss with your children is climate change, a topic that can be emotional and frightening for kids and adults alike. But what is the appropriate way to start the conversation? How can we comfort our kids when the threat is so imminent? How do we offer realistic hope? Kara Baskin, author of The Boston Globe's parenting newsletter, In the Family Way, interviewed a panel of experts to offer a guide to navigating this sensitive issue....Read the full story
$1000 Grant For US Teachers Who Have Good Energy Lessons, Due Feb 1
The NEED Project, Monday January 11, 2021
The award includes: $1,000 cash grant to the teacher to use as he/she/they choose in the classroom All-expenses paid trip to both NEED's Annual Youth Energy Conference and Awards in June (Washington, D.C.) and the National Energy Conference for Educators in July (Albuquerque, NM)....Read the full story
Rosa Solar Stoves Project
Clement Musonda,
Monday July 06, 2020
The Rosa Solar Stoves project is a story of the benefits of solar stoves in Zambia, including health, social, environmental, and educational benefits....Read the full story
US Online Day Camp With Activities And Virtual Tour Of Power Plant
Stacy Klein-Gardner,
Monday June 15, 2020
In effort to support parents everywhere and provide access to hands-on activities, the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) P12 Commission is proud to announce online summer camps! This article lists the energy-specific camps, but there are several more....Read the full story
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