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Dear Website Administrator,

I looked at your site today, and thought your visitors might benefit from the industry research and information and articles we have on our site at . There is information on wood furnace manufacturers, facts about heating with wood, a glossary on wood heating terms and so much more!

Would you mind linking to our site I believe your visitors will find the information quite helpful, especially if they are looking at wood as alternative heating option. In case it's helpful to you, here is some sample link text:

Energy Efficient Wood Heating
Greenwood manufactures the next generation of clean burning, wood and biomass central heating systems at 85% efficient, they burn not only the wood, but the smoke coming from a typical fire. They tie to any heating system and may heat an entire home and provide all your domestic hot water. They leave very little material to create smoke, creosote or ash making them some of the lowest maintenance wood furnaces on the market.

Thank you for your consideration,

Katherine Buck
Administrative Assistant
Greenwood Technologies, LLC
Ph. 425-289-4761/Fax 425-289-4740