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I visited your site and was especially interested in

My company, Boots on the Roof is the Renewable Energy training division of Unitek, a long-running private school with a proven track record of certification-based and degree-based education programs in various technical and health care fields. Having successfully partnered with professional organizations nationwide to train tens of thousands of students, Unitek opened the Boots on the Roof division specifically to training the next generation of Solar Energy Entrepreneurs, Contractors, and Business People.

To get a better grasp of our business, you can visit or and learn more about us.

We have partnered with other “Green” businesses to spread the word on Boots, and would be delighted if you agree to host our link on your Related Links page, or another relevant part of your portal.

Please feel free to contact me at with any questions you may have.


Katy Koz
Link Exchange Manager
Boots On The Roof