Videos from First Wind

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Videos from First Wind

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Dear EnergyTeachers,

My name is Lindsey Campbell, and I’m a Project Manager at Captains of Industry, the marketing and communications firm for First Wind, a North American wind energy company. Given some of your recent articles and links that you have for the energy-conscious teachers on your website, like “Green Schools News: EmPOWERing Maine Students to Know Their SOURCE” and “Energy Explained--U.S. Energy Information Administration”, I thought you’d be interested in learning about a 4-minute video that we’ve produced for First Wind called, “Where Wind Power Comes From: Climbing Inside a Wind Turbine” and a 2-minute video that is simply a 360° panoramic view from the top of a wind turbine in Danforth, Maine.

Have you ever wanted to climb the inside of a wind turbine? Have you ever wondered how a wind turbine works? Or what the view would look like from the top of one? After seeing those turbines, I know I have. And as a website that caters to educators who are looking for different and interesting ways to teach their students about energy, we know that any student learning about renewable energy would love to see inside a turbine and learn how it works.

The reason why I think you’ll be interested in these videos in particular is because they satisfy that curiosity of what’s inside a wind turbine for both students and teachers. The “Where Wind Power Comes From: Climbing Inside a Wind Turbine” video describes everything from how long it takes to get up a 270 foot turbine, to what the specific sections of a wind turbine are, and how they contribute to transferring wind into energy. Also, the “360° Panoramic View from the Top of a Wind Turbine in Danforth, Maine” video is a great view of what the top of a wind turbine really looks like.

The goal of my contacting you is to hopefully have add this First Wind video onto the website. This way, it can provide teachers with educational and exciting media for their lesson plans so their students can better understand how wind energy works and the benefits of renewable energy resources. You can either embed the link from YouTube or link to the First Wind Media Center on their website ( ... nd_turbine and ... nd_turbine). I look forward to speaking with you in further detail. I can be reached at 617-725-1959 x. 211 or at to answer any questions you may have about First Wind or Captains of Industry.

Thank you,

Lindsey Campbell
Project Coordinator
Captains of Industry
617-725-1959 x 211