Data logging, temperature

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Data logging, temperature

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After acquiring an inexpensive data logger, I've been exploring ways to investigate energy use and transfer around my home. Right now, I've got a logger in the attic, taking temperature, light, and humidity readings every 10 minutes; the unit, a HOBO, can store 18 days of such data, so I'm watching what difference the weather makes on my attic environment.
I also have an electricity monitor logging the energy my computer uses. The unit, a Watt's Up? Pro, tracks voltage, current, power factor, power, duty cycle, energy, costs, minima and maxima, and lets me download it all to my computer.
My next experiment is to use an external thermocouple that came with the logger to measure the inside of one of my solar cookers.
If you're interested in data logging for energy education, I'd love to talk. I hope to write an article for the September Newsletter about my data.
-Shawn at
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