Open-ended, Inquiry-based, Group-oriented Labs and Equipment

Describe and/or review kits and lab equipment.
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Open-ended, Inquiry-based, Group-oriented Labs and Equipment

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David Hammond provided me with this list of equipment and designs he offers:
  • Greenhouse Effect Simulation Chambers w/light-source;
    Ice and Sediment Core Models, for correlating atmospheric [CO2] and global avg. temp. over the past 150,000 yrs;
    Network Failure Mode Simulator, designed to to teach the concept of interconnectedness in biospheres, businesses, distribution networks, etc.;
    Population Dynamics Simulator, in the form of a "Sim-city" style game, but not using a computer;
    "Greenhouse DodgeBall", a non-competitive, team-oriented Phys. Ed. activity that runs a climate-change simulator and generates data for science/math study;
    "Build a Solar-Powered Micro-Vehicle"; a unit I'm currently designing for the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association -NESEA - that allows students, as either part of a physics, chemistry or technology course, or as an after-school enrichment activity, to design, construct and test a Tour de Sol compliant solar-electric-assist bike or trike.\
    All but the last-mentioned projects can be constructed from components available in super-hardware and craft stores, using simple hand tools, at a cost of approx. $200.00 or less. My intention is to market these plans and curricula via internet, but I will make them initially available gratis, to any teacher who promises to give me detailed field/classroom performance feed-back (a "Beta-Test" program, if you will)
All will be adaptable to 7 - 12th grade implementation, in public, private and vocational school settings.

if interested, contact me at
David A. Hammond
14 Elm Park, Apt. 3,
Groveland, MA 01834

dabbotthammond at comcast dot net
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