Rearranging web site

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Teachers' Goals and Links need to be organized better.

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Rearranging web site

Post by shawn »

I was thinking about how there are multiple places on the web site for a single piece of information. Let me use an example to explain:
An organization may be offering minigrants for solar education. That could be found in many topics of the Links page, including "Energy Education Programs - Regional" and "PV, Solar Thermal, and Concentrators." It could also be found in Teachers' Goals under "Classroom materials: How can I get money to purchase classroom materials?"
It would also be an announcement on the News page.
To solve this problem of where to find such an item, without redundantly posting the info everywhere, I thought we might switch to a keyword system. We'd still have the calendar, news, and forum, but Teachers' Goals and Links would be combined, under I don't know what name. All bits of information, whether they be news, dates, links, books, or ideas, would be given keywords from a pre-determined but editable list. Thus, if you were interested in wind education, you'd simply put in wind. If you wanted a lab, you could add that keyword to narrow your search.
What I need to discover is how to present the keyword list; then I would need to set up tables in our relational database that serves all this info already, then convert all the existing information here into that system.
It's interesting that I haven't yet seen a comparable "content management system" out there.
I'd appreciate comments about the way links and Teachers' Goals are currently organized, and about possible new ways.
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Re: Rearranging web site

Post by jimpohl »

Now I'll try to do a link... ... d-fun.html

Take a look at Physics Help Forum...
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