The Politics of Energy in the 21st Century

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The Politics of Energy in the 21st Century

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Dear ET, Any information on books, lesson plans on the subject of Energy and Politics for HS/College Students. Bob
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re: Politics of Energy in the 21st Century

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I recommend a book that is useful for framing debates: Energy Alternatives (Opposing Viewpoints series, Greenhaven Press, 2002).
Books about the energy crisis and general social and political issues are a dime a dozen. Farewell Fossil Fuels by Borowitz exceeded my expectations. Many in academia are reading Hubbert's Peak by Deffeyes. Energy at the Crossroads by Vaclav Smil is biblical in more ways than one. The Return of the Solar Cat Book by Augustyn repeats what all those thin books on "alternative" technologies but in a more pleasing wrapper; oh, and it's cheaper.
The best books on architecture remain those from the late 70s.
Bob, register for this forum, and we can discuss this more. If you let me know what specific goals you have I can pare down from a lengthy list.
I assume you've checked our bibliography for titles. If you have any comments on any books, we'd love to include them in our bibliography.
For a lesson plan, you might enjoy having your students run geopolitical energy resources in a simulation:
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