Great science website for kids- contains info on solar energ

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Great science website for kids- contains info on solar energ

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Catch the Science Bug Foundation, Inc. launched a new website,, filled with science content that is presented through video, interactive on-line activities, and downloadable worksheets! Most content is found through the Science Files link. The site is geared towards children in grades 1-4 but children younger and older than the targeted age group have enjoyed using this site. Look on the Sun-sational Solar page for information about solar energy being used to heat hot water.

Educators will find printable science activities with data collection worksheets for use in a classroom or on the school grounds. Recently, a teacher’s guide was posted listing what topic each science activity teaches and how this activity could relate to other topics. Science career information is being added to continuously as we aim to present a great diversity of scientists and job descriptions under the Meet Our Scientists page.

This website just received an American Library Association’s Great Websites for Kids award.

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