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Ownership, in education, means you, the learner, get to choose your own path to learning something. We at value the benefits of ownership, so in our workshops we ask participants to brainstorm ideas they would consider using for Green Dollhouse Challenge. The lists below were generated by groups of participants like you.

When you enter our Green Dollhouse Challenge, you get to decide what to design and build, but it can be a challenge itself just to think of something a "green dollhouse" might be.

This page is here to help you see how many millions of possibilities there are, corresponding with the many ways people think about sustainability and architecture, along with all the ways we can build and play things. At the bottom of the page you'll find an Inspiration Challenge, where your computer can pick a jumble of structure, play, material, and sustainability to design.

What kinds of structures can we build?

You can build anything that fits our size limit and is safe to play with. Think of all the different kinds of miniature buildings there are that people play with, or even think of buildings nobody has ever thought of as a dollhouse. Here are many types participants have named.

How can people play with these structures?

Think of all the different ways people play with miniature buildings, or invent a new game based on your structure.