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Solar cookers work differently 

This oven is hot;
it took a couple hours.
There are a few clouds. 

-Shawn Reeves 

Using a thermal camera in the winter 

In the infrared
I can see cold streaks of air
under all the doors. 

-Shawn Reeves 

The empty classroom 

A whole bank of lights.
Nobody is in the room,
So I flick the switch.

-Shawn Reeves 

to ensure robots don't add fake haiku 

i am no robot
but if i were, i would be
powered by the sun 


I <3 energy 

I heart energy
running, walking, spinning me
the world goes around 

-Alan J Greenspan 

an energy dream 

i dream big at times.
i fill up at the station
when i am a drone.

i choke while sleeping
the air quality so full on title for entire poem 


On the need for proper anemometry 

Wind is not constant.
It's remembered for blowing
forgotten for calms. 

-Shawn Reeves 

When to add insulation to a solar cooker 

It's partly cloudy,
time to add insulation
around my cooker. 

-Shawn Reeves 

Energy Teachers 

Energy Teachers 
investigate how to live
sustainably now. 

-Arianna Grindrod, Education Director 


Wind Water Fire Earth
Elements provide our needs
Live sustainably.  

-Arianna Grindrod, Education Director 


Wave upon cell
Cell upon the waves
I am Energy 

-Amy C. Ray 


We flip the switch on
The energy flows through me
Nothing holds me back 

-Sarah Volle 

The Future of Our Planet 

Green, reuseable
Hybrid, plug it in, recharge
Our future world 

-Danny Gillis 

Positive Energy 

Imagine if we
gave away a smile to
that someone in need. 

-Emily I. Mixter 

the wind is blowing 


-Deeksha kalmath 

Never mind the bad circuits on YouTube. 

Limit the current,
Don't blow up the LED,
Use a resistor. 

-Shawn Reeves 

Kinetic Energy haiku 

The car is moving
The rollercoaster's rolling
The person's moving 

-Logan Vine 

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