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UndauntedK12 last modified : 2023-11-29 05:32:15

UndauntedK12 supports schools who are greening their infrastructure with clean energy, low-carbon energy, and efficiency. They are based in Massachusetts and California. They consult schools about government incentives, and publish an action toolkit.


GENERATE -- The game of energy choices last modified : 2023-11-07 07:03:33

Generate is an interactive game that allows students to explore energy choices and teaches the considerations and costs in deciding what type of energy generation to build. Hosted by the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States government.


Energy-Terminal last modified : 2023-09-30 18:42:52

Information network for entering the energy industry.


Palomar Observatory last modified : 2023-06-15 12:27:39

Part of our Field Trip Guide.


The Innovation Trail last modified : 2023-06-05 10:50:13

Part of our Field Trip Guide.


3Dux|Design last modified : 2023-04-25 14:35:19

3Dux|Design provides kits for connecting cardboard for architecture and design and play, with design challenges and lesson plans.


TERC Climate and Equity Summer Institute for Learning and Teaching last modified : 2023-04-08 14:35:21

Annual week-long workshop for educators.
Teachers will discuss equitable pedagogy, hear presentations about the global — and psychological — impacts of climate change, explore climate change impacts firsthand through guided field trips, and have free time to pursue additional topics.


TERC last modified : 2023-04-08 14:31:14

TERC is a non-profit made up of teams of math and science education and research experts. TERC offers professional development, educational research, curriculum, and publication.
Office is in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


The Climate Initiative last modified : 2023-04-03 18:14:05

The Climate Initiative organizes multiple educational opportunities:
A Learning Lab program for high school students combines learning and action, with teacher resources.
Educator Retreats support high school classroom teachers in incorporating climate education in their curriculum.


Coalfield Solar Fund last modified : 2023-03-31 09:53:26

Coalfield Solar Fund offers grants of up to $150,000 in 2023 for schools in Virginia and West Virginia to develop photovoltaic power.


Mouser last modified : 2023-03-24 18:09:26

Mouser is a supplier of electronic components from around the world. It was started by a physics teacher, and has grown to become one of the heavies.


Free Science Workshop last modified : 2023-03-24 09:42:49

Free Science Inc. is a nonprofit organization based in Ithaca, NY that provides a supportive, community-based space for low-income and under-represented youth to explore their world, and expand their capabilities, through science and creativity.
The Free Science Workshop is a free-choice environment youth can walk in and direct their own education. They can pursue what interests them the most from a wide range of opportunities including electronic tinkering, woodshop and construction. caring for plants and animals, and designing their own projects.
Physics Bus is a program for taking engaging science and engineering to schools and public events.


Little Shop of Physics, Colorado State University last modified : 2023-03-24 09:35:34

Little Shop of Physics is a program of the College of Natural Sciences at Colorado State University. They run outreach programs from the college to schools and the public, including a huge annual extravaganza usually around Earth Day.
Through these programs, they provide a way for college students to volunteer and learn about education.


[Archived] El Paso Solar Energy Association (EPSEA) Solar Cookoff last modified : 2023-03-17 05:05:05

El Paso (Texas) Solar Energy Association held a solar cookoff in 1997 with educational activities. This archived page includes interesting photos of cookers and a human sundial.


TIL Climate guides for educators last modified : 2023-03-11 17:20:54

Teaching guides related to a podcast on climate change, created at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.


Hydroma, formerly Petroma last modified : 2023-02-28 11:07:36

An international venture to develop and use sources of natural hydrogen, that is hydrogen not derived from fossil fuels or other methods. Started in Mali when almost pure hydrogen was discovered in wells.


Central Energy Resources Science Center, USGS last modified : 2023-02-28 06:46:02

Central Energy Resources Science Center of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) hosts research on energy resources. As of 2022, that includes some interesting research on the availability of pure hydrogen from Earth's crust.


Goldstone Deep Space Communications Complex, Visitor Center last modified : 2023-02-27 10:43:19

Part of our Field Trip Guide.


Global Development Solutions -- Solar Education Project last modified : 2023-02-04 06:05:52

A collection of many resources for learning about solar cooking. Educators at GDS have much experience in solar cooking around the world, and they have assembled lesson plans and tips.


Let's Talk Energy – Parlons Énergie last modified : 2022-12-12 12:09:32

Let's Talk Energy is a national program that aims to enhance energy awareness and literacy among Canadians to contribute to a sustainable energy future. LTE offers educators resources like lesson plans, posters, virtual field trips.


Virtual field trips to Canada Science and Technology Museum last modified : 2022-12-12 11:49:31

A thorough program on energy for students to attend virtually.


Appalachian State University Sustainable Energy Society (ASUSES) "Solar Club" last modified : 2022-11-28 17:25:05

Student-led sustainability organization at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina, tying research, advocacy, education, and publishing.


Dominion Energy - tours and information last modified : 2022-11-08 17:09:33

Dominion Energy operates many power plants in the southern United States. This page lists contacts for planning tours of many of their plants.


cli-MATE last modified : 2022-10-18 11:54:44

The Midwestern Regional Climate Center hosts climate data and tools to visualize the data.


Massachusetts Maritime Academy Wind Turbine Project - Installation presentation last modified : 2022-08-22 14:29:54

Slide presentation of installation of the 2006 installation of a Vestas V47 wind turbine at Massachusetts Maritime Academy. PDF hosted by Northeast Diesel. Also describes concurrent sustainable energy projects on campus.


Energy Swaraj last modified : 2022-08-03 04:55:33

This organization travels around India, to villages and institutions, raising awareness of the problems of climate change and how solar photovoltaic panels can be a solution.
They travel in a bus covered with PV.


Reaction Bike-Power last modified : 2022-07-30 09:48:33

A U.K. organization that helps build and demonstrate bike -generators to help citizens understand electrical power.


Wind for Schools Portal last modified : 2022-07-30 04:55:49

The Wind for Schools project, coordinated by REpowering Schools, collects and displays data from power-generating wind turbines installed at schools across USA. You can view a map of projects, download generation-data to analyze.
Teachers can access lesson plans, developed with KidWind and National Energy Education Development.


REpowering Schools last modified : 2022-07-30 04:47:29

An organization connecting schools and the renewable power industry to help develop skills for the future U.S. workforce.
REpowering Schools took custody of the Wind for Schools project started by the Department of Energy National Renewable Energy Laboratory, coordinating the installation of wind turbines at school for educational purposes.


Nant de Drance last modified : 2022-07-22 12:00:48

Swiss pumped storage hydroelectric system, between Lac Vieux Emosson and Lac Emosson. Head of 425m, power 900 MW, capacity 20 GWh. Water can be pumped up during times of surplus generation nearby, then let down through turbines during times of high demand.
The website includes many diagrams of the system with photos of the components in place.


Teach Climate Science, by Paleontological Research Institute last modified : 2022-06-21 17:38:05

Workshops and resources for teachers teaching climate science.


Massachusetts Life Sciences Center | Internship Challenge last modified : 2022-04-28 09:16:05

Full and part time internships for Massachusetts college and HBCU students in the life sciences industry.


Visitan Autoridades Educativas Instalaciones De Geotérmica last modified : 2022-03-11 09:06:35

Educators visit the Cerro Prieto geothermal power complex in 2014. Page includes images of visiting teachers in the educational display.


Kidspace Children’s Museum last modified : 2022-01-30 18:02:36

[Retrieved 2022-01-30:]
“Kidspace Children’s Museum is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational and cultural institution committed to serving the needs and interests of children and families. We host nearly 380,000 guests each year on a beautiful, 3.5-acre outdoor campus with more than 40 hands-on exhibits, a live animal collection, and a variety of creative play spaces and water features. We offer a wide array of free and discounted programs, field trips, and digital resources for schools to maximize access for children and educators.”


Science Near Me last modified : 2022-01-29 13:29:30

Find science talks, fairs, exhibits, volunteering, research, conferences, etc.
Searchable by location.


Montague Super Green Power House last modified : 2023-04-04 08:15:26

Part of our Field Trip Guide.


Possum Point Power Station last modified : 2022-11-08 17:07:23

Part of our Field Trip Guide.


US Dept. of Energy Collegiate Wind Competition last modified : 2023-04-25 18:04:52

Undergraduate students plan, design, build, test, and present a wind turbine using market data. As of 2023, there are three contests involved: Prototyping and testing, project development, and community engagement.
The KidWind competition often occurs at the same time/place.


SAGE: Greenfield Community College Sustainability Science last modified : 2023-04-04 08:03:28

You can choose from a wide array of courses in the Renewable Energy/Energy Efficiency program.


X-Prize Cars [Archived web site] last modified : 2023-03-25 18:13:11

Link to blog archived on Wayback Machine:
Blog following teams competing for the Progressive Automotive X-Prize, a competition to create a production-ready passenger vehicle that gets over 100 miles per gallon.


New York State Clean Green Campuses last modified : 2023-02-08 12:24:25

New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) began this program to help campuses with resources for renewable energy and climate change goals.


Clean Air Task Force last modified : 2023-11-12 11:20:38

An organization advocating cleaner emissions from cars, power plants, and other polluters. Boston, MA


Maine Indoor Air Quality Council last modified : 2023-11-12 11:20:08

Hosts annual conference, in partnership with efficiencyMaine and the American Lung Association.


Toyota Prius and More page by John last modified : 2023-04-03 18:17:01

John publishes all of his gas-consumption data from his many hybrid cars owned since September 2000. He also has links to all sorts of information and visuals about the Prius.


New England Section American Association of Physics Teachers last modified : 2023-04-08 14:26:33

The New England Section of the American Association of Physics Teachers meets twice a year, showcasing interesting programs and giving teachers a chance to mingle with the physicists of the American Physical Society, and New York and New Jersey sections.


National Energy Education Development Project last modified : 2023-03-31 09:55:49

NEED has been working across the US for over 20 years, helping educators with energy-related curriculum through workshops, materials, and conferences.


Junior Solar Sprint last modified : 2022-12-01 09:05:04

The US Army Educational Outreach Program sponsors Junior Solar Sprint, a program where middle school students build shoebox sized solar powered race cars.


National Renewable Energy Laboratory Education Programs last modified : 2023-03-21 18:19:21

United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) sponsors many educational programs, some nationwide, some from labs including their headquarters in Golden, Colorado.


ASES - The American Solar Energy Society last modified : 2022-11-28 17:19:22

The American Solar Energy Society organizes the national solar energy conference and the National Solar Tour, both annual.
There are several student chapters at colleges across USA.


The Post Carbon Institute last modified : 2022-07-25 09:13:38

Publications and recordings on resiliency in a future without fossil fuels.
This organization hosted EnergyBulletin.net, now offline. Check Archive.org for past publications.
Nonprofit organization incorporated in Oregon, USA.


MGE - West Campus Cogeneration Facility last modified : 2023-04-04 08:10:55

Very informative site about Madison's use of cogeneration.


Electric Fuel Battery Corporation last modified : 2023-03-24 18:06:49

Producers of standard and custom batteries, from Israel.


http://www.maxwell.com/ last modified : 2023-03-24 18:03:30

Maxwell, owned by UCAP, produces energy storage devices and systems.


New Hampshire Department of Env. Services last modified : 2023-11-12 11:24:18

NH Dept. of Environmental Services has offered an open house at their two monitoring stations in Portsmouth and Concord. Call them at 603-271-3503 for info.


EPA AirData - Access to Air Pollution Data last modified : 2023-11-12 11:23:52

Research, data, and resources on air pollution.


Take Care of Texas Lesson Plans - Air, Waste, Water last modified : 2023-11-12 11:18:49

Download free lesson plans and student worksheets geared towards environmental topics around Air, Water, and Waste. Using insights and data from TCEQ researchers and science communicators, these plans are intended for K-12 classroom teachers, informal educators, and parents who are looking for science-based educational resources.


University Corporation for Atmospheric Research - Air Quality Classroom Activities last modified : 2023-11-12 11:02:12

Several activities for science classroom, teaching meteorology, atmospheric science, and air quality.


USA EPA - National Ambient Air Quality Standards last modified : 2023-11-12 11:16:28

A brief guide to the Federal regulations for pollutants, based on concentrations.


Criteria Air Pollutants last modified : 2023-11-12 11:07:54

States follow US EPA definitions of air quality standards for six common air pollutants: Carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, particulates, lead, and ozone.


New York State Dept of Environmental Conservation Air Monitoring last modified : 2023-11-12 10:52:38

New York's DEC shows its air monitoring sites on a map letting students see patterns of air quality due to traffic and weather.


Transportation, Air Pollution, and Climate Change last modified : 2023-11-12 11:22:11

Mobile Source Air Toxics This web site presents consumer information and regulation and guidance documents on a variety of mobile source air toxics and their environmental and public health effects.


USA EPA Region 1 - New England last modified : 2023-11-12 11:26:17

EPA's resources for New England, including air info state by state.


US EPA - TTN AMTIC-Ambient Monitoring Technology... last modified : 2023-11-12 10:55:56

Find out how the EPA gathers data for ambient air quality.


USA EPA - Envirofacts last modified : 2023-11-12 11:21:17

Use database to find polluters and regulated sites such as brownfields in your neighborhood.


Air Pollution: What's the Solution? Curriculum last modified : 2023-11-12 11:11:31

An interactive online learning unit that uses real data from real web pages.
Note most of the pages are available through the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine.


US EPA - A Guide to Indoor Air Quality last modified : 2023-11-12 10:57:01


GRACE Communications Foundation last modified : 2023-04-04 07:56:58

Concerned with factory farming, looks to support sustainable agriculture and healthy food. Has supported transition to clean energy.