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Student trying bike generator
Bicycle Generator
In this project, students, educators, or hobbyists attach a bicycle to a stand so that one can pedal and the have the rear wheel make a generating dynamo turn. The generator can charge a battery or run lights or other appliances. An inverter connected to the battery can provide alternating current to household devices....(more)
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Energy Haiku
Here at we've developed a writing activity, Energy Haiku. Students, teachers, and anyone interested in energy are welcome to submit short poems about any topic in energy....(more)
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Field Trip Database
Our Field Trip Guide is a collection of sites where learners can study energy along with history, nature, society, and other topics, anywhere in the world....(more)
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Flicker checkers
Our flicker checkers are spinning tops that have a radial pattern that shows the frequency of modulation of light, known as flicker. Students are using the devices to see if their classrooms and homes use inefficient, out-of-date electromagnetic ballasts or efficient electronic ballasts....(more)
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Green Dollhouse Challenge
We challenge K-16 students, families, hobbyists, design/build students, and design/build professionals to build model play-houses to explore concepts and technologies related energy production, energy use, efficiency, materials, architecture, utility, aesthetics, appreciation of nature, renewable resources, true wealth, healthy living, clean air, and clean water....(more)
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Insolation and the Sun's Path
Astronomers, architects, and solar technicians depend on the science of the sun's path in the sky. Free raytracing software is available that allows students to build and test designs and create realistic depictions....(more)
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Measuring electricity use
Watt-meters are devices that measure power, power factor, current, voltage, duty-cycle, and maxima and minima of those parameters. Some devices have memory chips that allow them to record samples of the data every second, which students can upload to a computer for analysis....(more)
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Measuring Wind
Students can analyze data from existing weather stations or from their own equipment. Low-cost anemometers are available for students who want to study wind on school property or elsewhere. Logging systems can keep track of time-series data and/or statistics about the wind speed and direction....(more)
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NESEA Energy Education Documents
From 2000 to 2011 the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) produced educational lesson plans and units to help teachers and students learn about energy and sustainability in the northeast...(more)
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News Article Database is compiling news articles, collected by teachers, related to energy production and use....(more)
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Solar Cooking and Solar Cookers
There are many types of designs of solar cookers. Each has advantages and disadvantages....(more)
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Teachers' Goals
Our first project, this hypertext document intends to provide any teacher with goals and ideas for a unit of any length about energy production and use. From educators like you we are gathering materials to answer each and every question in the document....(more)
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Virtual Sustainable Energy Science Lab
Second Life is an online virtual world visited by over a million people, including many educators. Two characters who work in this virtual world, Solar Sierra and Windy Schor, represent, build virtual objects that demonstrate real-life technologies, and hold meetings and discussions between educators and interested people....(more)
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