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Engaging Students in the Engineering Design Process Using Sensors

Join the Wade Institute for Science Education for a two-day professional learning experience as they explore coding and electronics through fun, engaging, hands-on projects using the Arduino Open Source Electronics Platform. Engaging Students in the Engineering Design Process Using Sensors is designed for middle and high school teachers who are interested in incorporating digital technology and computational thinking into engineering design portions of their curriculum, but who lack the skills or confidence to get started on their own.

Delve into a variety of investigations that explore using Arduino Sensors with your students. Build a control panel for your Starship, create a Love-O-Meter, design a Color Mixing Lamp, experiment with a Motorized Pinwheel and make your own Light Theremin (a musical instrument you play by waving your hands). Then create another device of your own choosing with guidance from the instructors. We will model how to engage students with hands-on lessons that develop an understanding of the engineer design process, including using engineering design drawings and bread boards, as we explore the concepts of current, voltage, and digital logic as well as the fundamentals of programming. Experience how to guide student driven learning through critical thinking and collaborative learning activities as your students work to solve problems. We will share how the technology is used in real world applications in a wide range of industries that affect our lives as well as how this technology is used in scientific studies. As the final component of the workshop, you will be asked to select a design challenge you would like to incorporate into your own curriculum and brainstorm with your peers to identify opportunities for students to embed sensors into their projects.

You will leave the workshop with an Arduino kit to start using these materials and investigations in your classroom.

This sensor workshop is designed for Arduino beginners and intermediate users. Other sensors can be used along with the products that can be created with the kits.

12 PDPs will be awarded for participation.
$150 per participant. $100 per participant if attending as a team with 2 or more additional teachers from your school or district.

Intended audience
Grade 6-12 educators
Date and time
2022-10-14 to 2022-10-15
Web link
Fall River
State or Province

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