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Bridge the Gap--STEM Career Connection Series: Electrical Engineering with Hidden Level & Syracuse University

Embark on a journey to discover the diverse world of STEM careers and the work being done in the Central New York area. Each workshop in the series will illuminate a new opportunity available in STEM professions, exploring current research and/or industry needs that can be incorporated in local classrooms. Participants will explore: Research & Industry Insights: Hear from guest speakers who are actively working in diverse STEM careers, providing firsthand insights into their roles, challenges, and the day-to-day experiences they encounter. Skills and Qualities: Identify the essential skills, qualities, and attributes that are valued in the STEM industry, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, and adaptability. Supporting Students: Gain practical strategies for guiding students in their science career exploration journey through NYSSLS aligned lesson creation. Series Focus: Radar Engineering with Hidden Level & Syracuse University This workshop will introduce educators to the concept of Electrical Engineering with two professionals, Mr. Timothy Graham, Chief Technology Officer at Hidden Level and Jennifer Graham, PhD. Associate Teaching Professor & Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Undergraduate Program Director, Syracuse University Please open the document at the following link for a detailed description: Join us to bridge the gap between STEM education and real-world careers, empowering the next generation of scientists, innovators, and leaders. Together, let's inspire youth to uncover their potential and make meaningful contributions to our ever-evolving world. One hour lunch on your own.

Mr. Timothy Graham, Chief Technology Officer at Hidden Level Inc.
Tim is the Chief Technology Officer at Hidden Level, a local technology company specializing in detecting and integrating drones into the national airspace. Here he oversees the company’s technology roadmap and leads research and development activities. Prior to joining Hidden Level, Tim served as Senior Technologist at SRC, Inc and as a Senior Radar Systems Engineer at Lockheed Martin. He has over 20 years of experience in the design, development, and production of RF sensors; including radar systems, passive RF detection systems and direction-finding systems. He has numerous patents and publications on radar and sensor technology. Tim holds a bachelor's degree from Michigan Technological University and master’s degree from Syracuse University, both in electrical engineering.

Jennifer Graham, PhD. Associate Teaching Professor & Electrical Engineering and
Computer Science Undergraduate Program Director, Syracuse University.
Jen’s background is in electrical engineering. She began her career in industry
working at Lockheed Martin and SRC Inc. as a radar systems engineer specializing
in antenna design, modeling and calibration. In 2015 she joined the faculty of the
electrical engineering and computer science department at Syracuse University as a
teaching professor. Her academic and teaching interests include curriculum
development, hands-on laboratories, flipped and collaborative learning classrooms
and rethinking traditional approaches to engineering education. She is currently
serving as the program director for the undergraduate programs in electrical
engineering and computer science; one of her efforts in this role is to expand
participation in both fields. She holds a Bachelor’s, Masters, and PhD degree in
Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University.

Hidden Level:
1. Introduction & professional background
2. Hidden Level overview - focus on technology
3. Local industry STEM needs - focus on engineering disciplines, skills sets required for new hires, etc.
4. Q&A

Syracuse University:
1. Introduction and professional background
2. Engineering and Computer Science at Syracuse University
3. STEM based project descriptions / ideas
4. Skillsets needed for incoming students
5. Broadening participation in STEM
6. Q&A

Intended audience
NY science, engineering, and technology educators
Date and time
08:30 AM to 03:00 PM, 2023-12-19
Web link
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